Twitter IPO Stock Price Updated Between $23 And $25

Twitter Stock Price

Twitter originally priced its stock at between $17 and $20, and according to a new regulatory filing, has bumped the price up to between $23 and $25.

With 70 million shares being offered during its IPO, that gives the social network a market valuation upwards of $13.6 billion.

From analyst Santosh Rao:

“This number is still a reasonable and doable valuation, and I don’t think it’s going to turn people off. We’ve seen this before, where companies start off with a low number to get people interested, and then work higher. The demand is there as this is the last of the big three social networks to go public.”

If Twitter can IPO at $25, it would give a valuation of 11.8 times estimated sales in 2014.

In comparison, Facebook is currently trading around 11.5 times estimated sales, and LinkedIn is trading at 12.2 times estimated sales.

Twitter is expected to IPO November 7, and will be trading under TWTR on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mike Stenger

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