Facebook Busts Husband For Leaving Despicable Website Comments About His Family

Facebook Husband Caught

Facebook might be the greatest destroyer of marriages since the invention of prostitution and ESPN. Not a week goes by where we don’t hear about some stupid husband or wife posting something or getting caught doing something wrong on Facebook.

This weeks despicable act comes from a user named @Tomcowan. While looking at a set of pictures from model Kelly Brook the husband and father wrote:

“She is so sexy. I would leave my wife and kids for one night with her!”

There was just one problem, Tom Cowan somehow did not realize that his Facebook status updates include his comments on Facebook commenting enabled pages.

Shortly after he posted the comment his wife @Natashacowan wrote:

My idiot husband forgot his comments are linked to his Facebook account. You don’t deserve our beautiful kids and I hope your brother has room on his sofa because I’m having the locks changed.

Let this be a lesson to Facebook users, your privacy is not guaranteed, in fact the social network does everything it can to make your profile rather transparent.

Here’s another example of how a Facebook user was able to out a cheating husband to his wife, and she didn’t even know the man:

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