Live From LAX: Twitter Users Give First Hand Account Of Shooting

lax shooting

News about the shooting at LAX is still pouring in but here’s what we know so far: A gunman fired shots at a TSA official at about 9:30 this morning. At least one person was injured but some reports say that multiple people were hit. Terminal 3 was evacuated after the shooting. Thousands of people feared for their lives.

Several passengers took to Twitter to provide updates from the scene. Bill Reiter, a national columnist with Fox Sports, was one of those people.

Reiter relays information about the going-ons inside of LAX but he also gives a peek into what it’s like to be in a frightening situation. Interspersed between his tweets about gunfire and hectic crowds are sweet messages to his family.

Reiter goes on to detail the chaos following the shooting at LAX. He talks about the TSA employees who don’t know what’s going on. He talks about the passengers who are desperately looking for safety. And he demonstrates how false information can quickly spread via panicked mouths.

Grant Imahara from The Mythbusters was also at LAX during the shooting. Imahara was in the Virgin Lounge when the gunman started shooting and had a vastly different experience compared to Reiter.

But perhaps the panic at LAX can be summed up by this eerie tweet from Yan Rozovsky. LAX was still allowing planes to land at the airport shortly after the shooting and Rozovsky was on one of those plans. He also happened to be watching TV shortly before his plane touched down.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the shooter is now in custody. At least three people were wounded in the incident. Here’s a live video from CBS News.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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