Facebook Giving The Philippines Free Mobile Data Access


Facebook first launched its Zero campaign in 2010 which gives users free mobile data access in select countries, and now the Philippines is included.

Partnering with Globe Telecom, users can simply visit Facebook from their cell phone without incurring any data charges.

However, Globe Telecom Senior Advisor Peter Bithos says that clicking through to content outside of Facebook will count towards paid data.

For prepaid customers, Globe offers data plans as low as 20MB.

From Facebook VP of Partnerships Chris Daniels:

“We think Asia represents an enormous opportunity for growth. Two billion people are not connected to the Internet in Asia, which is a huge market. We started the program in the Philippines because 30 million people access the Internet on a monthly basis. In the coming years, there’s going to be a shift in smartphone usage and data usage, and we’d like to bridge that gap on getting online.”

Free mobile access to Facebook in the Philippines will last through January, and Globe says it plans on finding further ways of offering mobile internet for free or at a lower cost.

Mike Stenger

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