Naked ASU Girl Costume: Student Goes As ‘Nude Human’ To Halloween Party

naked asu girl

If you went out on Halloween you probably saw a few sexy costumes. The annual holiday is basically an excuse for cute girls to wear skimpy outfits. This year girls have dressed up as everything from sexy nuns to sexy ears of corn (seriously, that costume exists). But the sexiest costume of the year was probably spotted at a party at Arizona Statue University. Ladies and gentleman, meet Naked ASU Girl.

Did she forget her costume? Did she strip out of her costume after someone spilled a drink on her? Did she really leave the house naked? Is this some sort of feminist stance against the pressure to dress up as a slutty banana on Halloween. Or, as ASU Confessions puts it, is this just some naked bitch walking around at a Halloween party?

Yes, this girl went to a party completely naked. OK, she was wearing heels.

Some people are speculating that the girl was a stripper or some other form of hired entertainment. That theory gained a little more credibility when another (yes ANOTHER) naked ASU girl was spotted out on Halloween.

Others claimed that the Naked ASU Girl said that she was “dressed” as a “naked human.” It’s unclear if the Naked ASU Girl was a student or a stripper (or both) but the costume definitely got a big reaction on Twitter.

What do you think of the Naked ASU girl? Are you surprised that someone went to a party completely naked? Is this a daring costume or slutty one?

Dan Evon

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