Facebook Revenue Exceeds $2 Billion In Q3, Active Users Up Across The Board


Facebook exceeded analyst expectations in Q3 2013, posting revenue of $2.02 billion, and earnings per share of 25 cents.

Net income was $425 million, and almost half of its income, 49 percent, was directly from mobile advertising.

Here’s the breakdown of active users in the third quarter:

  • Monthly active users – 1.19 billion, up from 1.155 billion in Q2.
  • Daily active users – 728 million, up from 699 million in Q2.
  • Mobile monthly active users – 874 million, up from 819 million in Q2.
  • Mobile only monthly active users – 254 million, up from 219 million in Q2.
  • Mobile daily active users – 507 million, up from 469 million in Q2.

Year-over-year, revenue has increased 59 percent from $1.262 billion, and monthly active users have increased by 182 million.

In after hours, Facebook stock is currently hovering around $54, up from a close of $49.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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