Pope Francis Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers, Still A Ways Away From Beating Bieber

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has officially crossed the 10 million Twitter follower threshhold.

“Big deal!” you balk. “Justin Bieber has like way moar followers!” That’s true, but Pope Francis is Twitter’s most influential world leader. So he’s kind of like the Justin Bieber of world leaders. And President Obama is the Lady Gaga. Boy, this post is falling apart fast.

Anyway, you might notice that Pope Frank only has about three million followers on his English account (only three million :P). So you might be wondering where the heck we got 10 million from. Well, that’s the combined following across nine different language accounts: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and most recently, Polish.

Cheating? Nah. Maybe. I don’t know.

In any case, Pope Francis is thrilled that he has 10 million Twitter followers now.

Do you follow Pope Francis on Twitter?

[h/t and photo – Catholic News Agency]

Dusten Carlson
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