Instagram Used By 71 Of The Top 100 Brands


Instagram isn’t just for selfies or photos of food, and according to a new study from Simply Measured, 71 of the top 100 brands use the social network.

This is up from 40 percent in October 2012. However, Facebook and Twitter still remain king for the top 100 brands, both used by 98 percent.

Pinterest is used by 74 percent, and rather surprisingly, Google+ came in at 73 percent.

57 percent of top brands post on Instagram at least once each week, an increase of 19 percent from Q3 2012.

44 percent have 10,000 or more followers, 35 percent have 20,000 or more, and 19 percent have over 100,000 followers.


Compared to Q3 2012, engagement among the top 100 brands has increased a massive 350 percent.

According to Simply Measured, this is thanks to the large increase in brands using Instagram, and a 70 percent increase in posts.


Here is how often the top 100 brands post:

  • 18 percent post 1 to 10 times per month.
  • 20 percent post 11 to 20 times per month.
  • 18 percent post 21 to 30 times per month.
  • 3 percent post 31 to 40 times per month.
  • 2 percent post 41 to 50 times per month.
  • 4 percent post over 50 times per month.

Luxury, automotive and media brands receive 83 percent of all engagement, but make up 59 percent of posts.

Technology, alcohol, fast-moving consumer goods and electronics brands make up 23 percent of posts, and only receive around two percent of all engagement.

For a complete look at Instagram use among the top 100 brands, you can check out the study here.

Mike Stenger

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