Vycarious Lets You In On The Life You Wish You Had


Vycarious is a new mobile app that lets you share, and discover experiences. You can follow others’ experiences, and interact with them.

While other social networks are based around moments, Vycarious prides itself on being based around experiences, and what life is really about.

You can post your own experiences which includes a photo or video, starting date and time, and hashtags so other users can discover your experiences.

Once an experience or event has started, you can upload more photos, videos or text as you go along, and your followers can chime in.

From Co-Founder and CEO Rosalie Bartlett:

“There just really isn’t a way to share an entire experience [on social media]. With Twitter, it’s tiny, tiny snippets. They’ve broken it down into moments; they’ve condensed it, but there’s no organization. I think it’s going to be just really a platform to kind of learn about the world and let others learn about experiences. From what I’ve seen is, people who are signing up now, they feel like they need to go out and do stuff so they can share it on their apps.”

Vycarious is available now in the App Store for iOS, and an Android app is currently in the works.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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