Snapchat Used By 9% Of US Adults Who Own A Cell Phone


Snapchat recently introduced Stories, and according to a new report from Pew Research Center, the app is used by nine percent of U.S. adult cell phone owners.

Pew surveyed 1,000 adults in the U.S. from October 3 to October 6, which consisted of 852 internet users, and 941 cell phone owners.

Here were some other findings:

  • 18 percent of U.S. adult cell phone owners use Instagram, double that of Snapchat.
  • 54 percent of internet users have posted original photos or videos to websites.
  • 47 percent of internet users share videos or photos they found online.

From Maeve Duggan, author of the report:

“Pictures document life from a special angle, whether they relate to small moments, personal milestones, or larger news and events. Mobile connectivity has brought these visuals into countless lives in real-time. This all adds up to a new kind of collective digital scrapbook with fresh forms of storytelling and social bonding.”

Snapchat is reportedly trying to raise a new round of financing, and according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook was interested in acquiring the service for over $1 billion.

Mike Stenger

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