Nate Burleson Gets Free DiGiorno After Pizza Delivery Mishap


If Nate Burleson had made better pizza decisions he would still be on the field with the Detroit Lions. The NFL player broke his arm during a pizza delivery accident earlier this year and now he’s stuck at home watching his team on TV. Thankfully, he has a year’s worth of DiGiorno to keep him company.

Burleson writes on Instagram: “Huge S/O to Digiorno Pizza for the year supply of free pizza and the gifts! #ItsNotDeliveryItsDiGiorno#NoMoreLateNightPizzaRuns”

Burleson broke his arm last month while picking up a pizza. The Lions receiver reportedly got distracted as the pizza box started falling off the car seat.

DiGiorno writes in its letter that carryout can be a dangerous activity.

DiGiorno writes: “DiGiorno Pizza understands the challenges that come with carryout and delivery pizza so we are sending you a year supply of DiGiorno pizza so you can skip carryout.”

What do you think of DiGiorno’s gift to Nate Burleson? Do you think the Detroit Lions player will return to the field quickly now that he has all of his pizza needs taken care of?

Dan Evon

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