‘Star Wars’ Fan Shares Never-Before-Seen ROTJ Footage On Facebook [Video]

Unseen ROTJ footage

Star Wars fans everywhere now have access to commercially unavailable and previously unseen Return of the Jedi footage as well as an anonymous Internet hero to thank for it.

DailyDot reports that an as-yet unknown eBay buyer nabbed a 30-minute LaserDisc used to demonstrate Lucasfilm’s EditDroid editing station for $699. The disc contains 50 raw, behind-the-scenes takes that have never been seen before.


The guy/gal who bought it decided to do fandom a solid by creating a Facebook page to share all of the unseen footage for free. The page is going viral Monday morning with over 15,000 “likes” as of this posting.


The owner is editing the footage into 1-2 minute increments and posting it to Facebook as quickly as he/she can. About one-third of the footage has already been uploaded, and just in case Disney comes down with the copyright banhammer, the owner has made a passioned fair use claim on sharing the unseen Return of the Jedi footage.


Dusten Carlson
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