Lou Reed Dead At 71, Celebrities React On Twitter

Lou Reed Dead At 71

Lou Reed has passed away, he was 71 years old. The cause of death has not been reported, but Reed underwent a liver transplant at the Cleveland Mayo Clinic in May. Reed had admitted to being a hardcore drug abuse and hard drinker during his rocker days.

When talking about legendary rock pioneers it is harder to find a bigger name in the world of rock guitar. Reed was best know for his work as a guitarist, singer and songwriter for the Velvet Underground. The famed musician brought avant garde rock and pop art to mainstream music.

Following his death many celebrity friends and admirers jumped on Twitter to celebrate Lou Reed’s life:

Even Miley Cyrus, who is about the furthest singer from his type of music chimed in:

It wasn’t just fellow musicians chiming in as comedian Lena Dunham added:

Ryan Adam didn’t feel the need to write anything other than “Lou Reed” which is a powerful testament to what his name means in rock roll music:

Singer Josh Groban is about the furthest singer you will get from rock roll music. However, the self proclaimed music lover of many genres still chimed in:

Eric Alper chose to go with one of Lou Reed’s most famous quotes:

Carl Barat added one of the more personal tweets:

Showing just how much his music transcended genres famed hip hop mogul Russell Simmons added:

Hundreds of celebrities tweeted their appreciation and love for Lou Reed and thousands of fans joined in offering their fondest memories of the rocker and their sincere sorrow for his passing.

Even listening to “Sweet Jane,” “I’m Waiting for the Man” and “Heroin” in modern times reminds us of the type of impact Lou Reed has had on the music we listen to.

Reed’s most recently released recorded work was “Lulu,” a 2011 collaboration with heavy metal act Metallica.

Are you a fan of Lou Reed’s music and the influence he has had on Rock Roll music?

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