Bang With Friends Renamed ‘Down’ After Zynga Lawsuit

Bang With Friends

Bang With Friends, the controversial app that lets you know which Facebook friends are up for, well, you know, has rebranded itself to Down.

In July, social gaming company Zynga filed a trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of “With Friends.”

Nearly two months after the lawsuit was filed, Bang With Friends reached a settlement with Zynga.

While the name has changed, so has some of the functionality.

Users can now view friends of friends, and a new feature allows you to browse the “hottest” people.

To connect with someone, you can select “Get Date,” and if you’re more the straightforward type, can “Get Down.”

From Co-Founder Colin Hodge:

“We chose DOWN to represent the simple, natural way that our generation dates, without alienating people who may not want an app that says ‘bang’ but are totally down otherwise.”

Colin also addressed claims of sexism, saying that the app is to help men and women be more straightforward in their dating lives.

Down is available now on Android, and will be “coming soon” on iOS, including the web.

Mike Stenger

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