Top 10 Most-Followed Brands On Instagram


Instagram currently has over 150 million monthly active users, and a new chart from Statista shows the top 10 most-followed brands.

The Ellen Show is number one at 3.04 million followers, with National Geographic closely behind at 3.03 million followers.

Here’s how other top brands stack up:

  • Victoria’s Secret – 2.62 million followers
  • Nike – 2.6 million followers
  • Forever 21 – 2.03 million followers
  • Louboutin – 1.77 million followers
  • MTV – 1.76 million followers
  • Starbucks – 1.64 million followers
  • 9GAG – 1.59 million followers
  • Sneaker News – 1.55 million followers

Sure to make brands happy, Instagram has started testing ads, and shared a first look on its blog yesterday.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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