Vivian Schiller Joining Twitter As Head Of News

Vivian Schiller

Vivian Schiller, a news industry veteran who currently works at NBC News as Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer, will be joining Twitter in January as its Head of News.

The announcement was made on the Twitter for News account, and closely followed by Vivian:

Back in May, Twitter shared a job listing for head of news and journalism partnerships.

From Mark Glaser of PBS:

“No, Twitter doesn’t have ambitions to be a news operation,” Twitter’s Mark Luckie told me recently. “Because Twitter is so central to what a lot of newsrooms are doing, naturally there’s a lot of hype around this position. No, Twitter has no editorial team. We’re not out there curating news, or saying ‘here’s the source that you have to go to.’ We’re not writing stories. We’re simply providing a platform for other people to do so…The other thing is that Twitter had a ‘head of news’ previously. Adam Sharp was the head of news, politics and social good, and is currently leading politics and social good, and we have an interim head of news, Andrew Fitzgerald.”

Vivian Schiller will take over the role shortly after Twitter goes public.

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