The Flaming Lips Break Up In Cruel Twitter Joke

Flaming Lips Break Up On Twitter
The Flaming Lips broke up on Thursday but rest assured that it wasn’t real. Apparently the guys thought it would be funny to put out a fake tweet that said they were finished.
After realizing that their joke failed miserably the guys deleted the tweet.
Flaming Lips Break Up On Twitter
A few moments after that tweet was sent the Flaming Lips account came to life with another tweet:

lol just joking guys

— The Flaming Lips (@theflaminglips) October 24, 2013

Singer Wayne Coyne in an interview last year said of the micro-blogging platform: “My Twitter I think is a lot like me. It’s sometimes utterly ridiculous. But I never use it to make fun of people.” So much for that nice thought.

You can stop having your heart attack now, the Flaming Lips have not broken up.

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