Twitter Pricing Its Stock Between $17 And $20


Twitter is expected to IPO around November 15, and an update to its S1 filing today reveals a stock price range of $17 to $20.

The social network will offer 70 million shares, and at this price range, it could raise upwards of $1.4 billion.

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Twitter would list on the New York Stock Exchange, unlike Facebook who is on the NASDAQ.

However, like Facebook, it’s facing a fair share (no pun intended) of criticism:

Facebook stock did reach a low of around $17 in September 2012, but now at $52, it’s up $14 from its IPO.

Twitter has a jam-packed couple of months ahead, and its IPO is sure to grab the attention of many serious investors.

The company’s stock is expected to see a high level of demand:

Mike Stenger

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