How To Follow The 2013 World Series On Social Media

2013 World Series

The 2013 World Series features the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, and it’s the fourth time both teams have met at MLB’s greatest event.

A new infographic from Sysomos has the complete scoop on who, and what to follow on social media.

The Red Sox and Cardinals can be found on all major social networks, including Instagram and Tumblr.

Here are the top hashtags around the 2013 World Series:

  • #WorldSeries
  • #WorldSeries2013
  • #WorldSeries13
  • #RedSox
  • #RedSoxNation
  • #Cardinals
  • #CardinalNation
  • #STLCards
  • #PostCards
  • #GetBeard
  • #MLB

From reporters to announcers, and players to super fans, you can follow this Twitter list:


According to data collected from Marketwire between March 31 and October 19, the Boston Red Sox have been mentioned on social media over 6.4 million times.

In comparison, the St. Louis Cardinals have been mentioned over 4.3 million times.

The 2013 World Series kicks off tonight around 8PM Eastern, and it begs one big question: who are you rooting for?

2013 World Series

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