Ten Hottest Photos From Woman Crush Wednesday

candice swanepoel

Today is hump day and there is only one way to celebrate: By sharing photos of beautiful women on Twitter. Yes, its Wednesday and since there is nothing that tweeters love more than alliteration and beautiful women, it’s #WomanCrushWednesday.

Melanie Iglesias

Iglesias won Maxim’s hometown hotties list in 2010 and now has a steady career modeling and acting. She also has over a half million Twitter followers thanks to a steady stream of photos like the one above.

Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampredro has been dubbed the “new Kim Kardashian” for obvious reasons… No, not the sex tape thing. They share similar… assets.

Kim Kardashian

If the “new Kim Kardashian” deserves a spot on this list, the real one does too.

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn earned her #WCW status more than 50 years ago.

Candice Swanepoel

The Victoria’s Secret Model is beautiful. And so is that $10 million bra.

Adriana Lima

You didn’t think Swanepoel would be the only VS model on this list, right?

Lindsay Lohan

Maybe there’s still hope for her career.

Lauren Cohen

Because everyone loves a zombie killer.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Because she’ll always be Kelly Kapowski.

And the winner of every #WCW

Dan Evon

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