National Floors Direct is Leading the Industry with a 4.9 Star Review Rating Average

National Floors Direct has long had a reputation for providing the best possible flooring at the best possible price. Given this fact, it is not entirely surprising that, as of mid-August, National Floors Direct Reviews have a record-breaking 4.9 stars average review rating on Google, with over four hundred reviewers taking their time to provide the many reasons why they are happy they used the company to upgrade their residential and commercial venues.

The company receives exceptionally high marks for stellar customer service. Multiple homes and business owners have noted that the company offers friendly and flexible help and assistance. Company representatives that travel to home and businesses are well-versed in product options and the cost of each type of flooring to help individuals pick the option that best meets their needs without putting a strain on their budget. At the same time, reviewers point out that the representatives aren’t pushy and don’t try to hurry people along as they make their decision. 

Furthermore, making or changing appointments is also easy to navigate, making it convenient for clients to postpone for emergencies or other appointments. One individual noted that someone in the house came down with COVID-19 before an installation appointment, and National Floors Direct had no problem switching the installation date to a more convenient time.

The owner of a nursing home explained that National Floors Direct had no problem accommodating its out-of-the-ordinary flooring installation requests to avoid inconveniencing senior residents. Many reviews also point out that the workers who install the flooring are fast, efficient, and easy to work with. They get their job done quickly without cutting corners. They clean up after themselves, so homeowners aren’t left with a mess once the job is done.   

Finally, they received recommendations from multiple clients for providing extensive flooring options. The company offers carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic tile, and laminate flooring in many shades, hues, and designs to suit the needs of any home or a business owner. What’s more, consumers can rest assured they are getting a top-quality product as all of the flooring options are Healthy Home Certified independent third parties such as California Air Resources Board (CARB), Floor Score, the North American Laminate Flooring Association, and Environmental Product Declaration.

Flooring significantly impacts home decor, and many homeowners and business owners struggle to find the flooring type and flooring company that can provide the best possible service for the best price. However, the tens of thousands of clients that National Floors Direct has served during the seventy-five years it has been in operation have no regrets. They have found that National Floors Direct offers the best flooring at the best possible price. Moreover, they know they can expect stellar service from flooring professionals who put customer service over sales and profits.  

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