How To Decorate A Gazebo At Your Back Garden

Gazebos are not just perfect for your back garden decoration but also to entertain your guests when you do not wish your entire house to become a mess. It is also an excellent area to spend some quality time with family, with a few surprise lunches and dinners out in nature.

Don’t even get us started with the amount of self-time you can spend here amidst this safe haven, reading a book and basking in the sun.

Beautify Your Back Garden

Suppose you are tired of maintaining your back garden, pulling the tall grasses and long weeds you are trying to pull out. So, why not beautify it a little? Lucky to have a back garden, so make your house a little more aesthetically pleasing.

You can use software like Planner 5D, which could help you decorate your backyard virtually before building the Gazebo. Download the software for free from The PirateBay.

1. Add Lights For The Evening

Lights can change the entire setting of a gazebo and make it look cozier and more welcoming. Especially after sunset, bright lights around the gazebo can light up your entire backyard like a haven. There are different kinds of lights you could experiment with.

The most common one would be to surround all the beams and inside. You can go for whites, warm tones, or even rainbow colors. Any hue which suits your taste.

The next could be hanging lamps and vintage lanterns at the corners of the gazebo. You will get at the aesthetic if you use warm yellow lights, use a high voltage light to light up a big area.

2. Build An Oasis Around

Some greenery can help you breathe in some fresh air at the end of the day when you return from a long day. Yes, it will be a little difficult to build a garden large enough to make an oasis, but it will look beautiful.

You can try making a canopy at the cone of the gazebo with creepers, greeneries around, and even a small pond. The gazebo could be a safe place in the middle of the oasis.

3. Bonfire For The Chilly Months

A bonfire in the middle of the gazebo has been quite the trend nowadays. It is also something that is convenient for the winter times when you just do not want to coop inside the house with your guests.

It can be a good outdoor space for you to entertain your guests in winter or have small family gatherings. If you are excited about your party to get together, making smores, then a gazebo bonfire can also keep you warm while you enjoy.

4. Try Comfortable Seating

Gazebos don’t always have a dining setting. We have seen people build entire living rooms in their back garden. The point of a gazebo is also to add a cozy, relaxing space, especially if you have been working from home and want space away from your regular workstation to bring the work and life balance back.

There could be nothing cozier than warm couches big enough for your entire family. Yes, you can add a table in the center for all the lunches and dinners. Add quilts and throw blankets to up the coziness even more.

5. A Greenhouse

Greenhouses are expensive, no doubt, but with the size of a gazebo, it doesn’t have to be huge. You can have a few plants and flowers which can bloom amidst the warmth of the greenhouse, and at the same time, you can have a sitting area.

A space to enjoy your own solitude or something to share with your loved one. The best part about building the greenhouse into a gazebo is that you can always enjoy nature without experiencing harshness, as it is covered from all sides.

Something To Entertain & Rest!

We are sure after reading this article you are staring at your back garden, wondering how you have been wasting such a beautiful place. Yes, put that excitement into action, and plan for the building.

Once the base is built, it is upon you and Planner 5D to help you decorate the Gazebo like it is a piece of heaven in the middle of a mundane place.


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