How To Get More Followers on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media can be a great way to connect with new people and promote your brand. But what if you are starting and don’t have many followers? Or, do you want to increase your followers?

Build a Strong Brand Identity

People are attracted to brands with an identity. So, choose a business logo, color scheme, and graphics that reflect your brand. Make sure all your media platforms have the logo.

Have a Social Media Calendar

Being active and consistent is a great way to attract new followers. This means posting and sharing regularly. To ensure the account is updated, have a calendar to guide you.

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Ensure your social media profile is up-to-date and complete. Use a professional photo and use it across all social media platforms for your followers to recognize you. Also, use the same or similar handles and fill out all areas of your profile. You can also include a link to your website or landing page.

Know the Right Time To Post

The time you post on your social media accounts matters. The best time may vary depending on the platform, followers, and the industry. Check the social media metrics or use software to track the best time people are active and post. If someone shares your post, their followers will be online and follow you.

Follow Relevant Accounts

Look for accounts in your industry or related to your audience and follow, excluding competitors. Ensure you have followed back a few accounts that follow you and be an active contributor. In the process, your brand will gain exposure and attract new followers. Check who higher influencers are following and follow them.

Post Worthy Content Consistently

To increase followers, share high quality, engaging and exciting content. Your followers will re-share your posts and pull other followers to your accounts. Ensure you are top of industry trends and post trending topics, news, or opinion polls.

Include Visuals in Your Posts

Adding visuals to your content can make it more engaging, thus attracting followers. Create eye-catching graphics for each post. Adding relevant photos will increase your content ranking and likes. In addition, you can add a relevant or funny video directly to your site to auto-play and attract attention.


Storytelling has the power to evoke the feeling for the need of a product and relay the narrative that consumers can relate to. This approach has been applied by traditional media for a long time and thus is a tried and tested approach. There are several ways in which a brand may tell a story, using its origin story and taking inspiration from fundamental client interactions. Brands may tell a chronicle using the right images and music without necessarily using words.

Encourage Tagging

Encourage your followers to tag their friends. This will help you reach a wider audience and grow your following. For instance, on special days like Mother’s Day, you can share a video and encourage your followers to tag their friends. However, be cautious because the post can appear spammy.

Use Hashtags

You can use a popular hashtag such as #TBT or any other hashtag to get found by many people. But use those relevant to your audience. Also, you can participate in current/ trending events and use the hashtag. Someone searching for that hashtag can land on your post and follow you.

Hold Contests

Holding a contest can help increase the number of followers. A contest encourages new people to like and follow you. Some common social media contests are; comment to win, fill in the blank, caption contest, and photo contest. Announce the contest on all of your social media channels and provide instructions on how people can participate.

Use Paid Social Media

Investing in paid social media is a great way to grow your audience and obtain more exposure. When done well, sponsored social ads at the Valued Voice influencer marketing platform can promote your content, enhance conversions and assist you in reaching new followers. Focus your ads on audiences who have visited your website.

From holding contests to encouraging tagging, there are many ways you can attract social media followers. Remember always to be consistent and engage in trending topics. This way, individuals searching for the trendiest information will find you and perhaps follow you.


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