Why A Fiction Ghostwriter Is Your Next Best Bet

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Everyone knows it can be daunting to think and compile a story into something. Then it gets worse when it is time to write the whole thing down. Some individuals have the gift to write anything – from short horror stories to Hollywood-worthy crime novels where Johnny Depp can play the protagonist. But the thing is, writing is not something everyone can accomplish. That begs the question: what do you do with your fiction draft? Throw it away? Of course not. There is always the option of looking for and hiring someone who can work on your behalf. The internet showcases fiction ghostwriters you can hire anytime at all.


Hang On. What Is A Fiction Ghostwriter?

A fiction ghostwriter is an individual who specializes in writing fictional stories for someone else. What happens is they will write your draft and make the necessary edits to make it professional and publish-ready. 

Delving deeper, a ghostwriter specializing in fiction has experience writing such pieces. You can expect them to excel in writing anything under the fiction umbrella, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. But that does not mean they cannot deal with non-fiction pieces as well. There are writers out there who can juggle the best of both worlds without an issue.

More and more individuals opt to hire fiction ghostwriters since these experts can accomplish the task independently or with a team. Much like their spectral namesakes, these workers have the ability to avoid attention. But the thing is, you can do some ghost hunting. 

You will enjoy dozens of benefits once you decide to hire a ghostwriter to bring your draft into the light. 


The Benefits Of Hiring A Fiction Ghostwriter

Speaking of benefits, here are the why hiring fiction ghostwriters would be beneficial to your career.


No Pressure On Your Part

There are instances where you feel the pressure once you begin finalizing your draft. Can you imagine those long nights with coffee on the side, thinking about the perfect synonym to convey the emotion you want? There is also the struggle of clinging to a time frame. But you don’t have to worry about all that once you hire a fiction ghostwriter. 

Such a professional will take the burden of pressure and stress off your back. They will take care of your manuscript word by word, and you can leave the job to them so you can focus on something else.



Fiction ghost writers are no strangers to editing, proofreading, and finalizing. These aspects are part of their jobs; plus, they accomplish them with professionalism and care. 

You can depend on them to handle your manuscript with excellence while keeping the original concept alive. You can also count on them to handle grammatical errors, spelling, and other related issues.


Time Management

Fiction ghost writers are also familiar with deadlines and strict time frames, and that is why they dedicate their skills to delivering quality content on time. You can discuss this aspect with your potential ghostwriter. But that also means you have to prepare the necessary payment for such an adjustment. 

However, time is not an issue for most fiction ghostwriters. They can adjust to the duration of the project. But some writers will charge you more should your schedule be short.



You might think of going to a high-end editing and publishing company to get your draft fixed. Sure. They can do all the tasks on your behalf. Count on the professionalism, expertise, and all things that come with them. But going to a high-end company will cost you a lot of money. Some companies have top-tier specialists who will charge no less than a hundred dollars per hour. Not only that, but they also charge differently for additional tasks. 

But it is a different ball game once you hire a fiction ghostwriter. Hiring these professional writers will cost less than going to a big-time company. Not only that, but you can also negotiate terms with your chosen writer. You can haggle with your budget, and writers will adjust to what you have. What’s more, they have several payment options, unlike other companies. All you have to do is talk with your writer about how they want the payment to go. 



A lot of these professionals are aspiring writers themselves. They hone their skills through the work they do. But it does not stop there. They are human beings who have the same passion as you. As such, they can relate to the troubles and issues you encounter as an aspiring individual. It is this connection between people that allows you and your writer to make better choices on the project. You can also work on other matters on a partnership level. Working with a fiction ghostwriter lets you discover new things and opportunities for growth.


Sharing Ideas

Sharing ideas is another neat benefit to hiring a ghostwriter. They have experience with various works of fiction. That makes them a goldmine for ideas you can incorporate into your story. The same goes for them. You have the ideas that can help them strive and develop not only as a working individual. Sharing ideas also gives both parties new concepts to cover and a relationship that transcends the work environment. 


Let’s Talk About Costs For A Moment

No two fiction ghostwriters have the same rates. Many writing professionals charge on a lot of factors, including the time frame for the project, the number of words, experience, etc. The internet has no shortage of writers. But it is up to you to look for one who can meet your needs while adjusting to your budget. 


One More Thing

It is an exciting concept to work with a fiction ghostwriter. They can offer numerous ideas and opportunities to make your story better and publish-worthy. However, you must not leave all the work to them. You have to be proactive during the writing process. Doing so allows both parties to grow and learn from each other. Not only that, but the aspect guarantees your piece becomes a top-notch story.


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