4 Major Benefits to Using A VPN When Streaming or Browsing Online

There have been many tools that have come and gone and revolutionized the digital and virtual space. But the one tool that keeps reoccurring and has not been replaced yet is known as a VPN. A VPN is essentially a virtual private network that helps users in receiving and sending data across public and private networks.


As someone who lives in the virtual era, it’s important to know the basics of the VPN and all that it has to offer. An internet tool that helps you maintain online anonymity while also ensuring a free pass to any platform with complete safety and protection, a VPN is nothing short of a miracle. It gives you a practical option to travel anywhere without having to lose data or miss out on any online video.


You can be who you are, live wherever you want, and not even stick to one place even and still have access to global content in the most secure way possible – that’s the power of a premium VPN. This is not a typical article that discusses the advantages of a VPN. It entails the four major benefits that anybody can experience while streaming videos online or surfing through content across channels.


To give you a quick example; think of yourself as a resident of India who has to travel to the USA on business. Now you’re here for some time, you have to engage with some content on Sonyliv. How will you go about it? Simple! You can quickly unblock Sonyliv in USA by subscribing to a premium VPN.


A VPN will give you access to a global IP address – something local to India – to trick the streaming platform into thinking you’re accessing the service locally. This isn’t a major crime or anything but a simple and quick way to bypass geo-restrictions to stream tv series or movies online.

Are You Invisible With A Connected VPN?

This is a common misconception. What people often assume, due to the lack of information, is that a VPN makes you completely invisible online. That’s actually not the entire truth. What a VPN really does is it elevates your overall security and privacy.


Therefore, your original IP address is masqueraded as a new IP address provided to you by the VPN. So now, the IP address is there but it is layered and given much more protection. This newfound freedom and security help you maintain your anonymity online. It also gives you the privacy that you deserve.


This way, no one can walk in and check what you’re doing and when. Well, touch basis on this aspect more in the article below.


Anyway, let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the actual point. Here are the four major advantages that you can get to optimize your streaming experience and online browsing.

Unlimited Streaming Opportunity Without Facing Any Type of System Failure

We’re all aware that the government is constantly tracking our every little move online. The situation is the same as ISP. Both do it for different purposes, of course. But let’s get into the detail for your better understanding. Have you ever experienced a sudden reduction in speed when you’re streaming online?


Like, you could be watching a show on Netflix for some time without facing any issue, but out of nowhere your stream would start buffering. Well, that’s because the ISP starts to limit your connection speed.


Without getting into why it happens, we should tell you that you need a VPN to get rid of this problem. If you’re not in the mood to wait for the video game to buffer or face any turbulence while streaming a movie online, it’s time you invest in a premium VPN. A VPN tricks the internet and makes it believe that you’re not streaming movies and video games online at all.

Increased Privacy

It comes as no surprise that privacy is an issue. You are constantly being tracked by the same people who are supposed to protect you – the government. But that’s not it. You have people tracking your every move for not-so-serious purposes, but it’s an invasion of privacy nonetheless. Like, the tracking of online behavior for marketing opportunities.


Keeping that in mind, you should know that ISP has the license to track your data, including your browsing history, location, and other social media engagements, and sell it to third parties. It’s morally and ethically wrong, but everyone has turned a blind eye to it. However, you have a solution in the form of a VPN.


A VPN will resolve this issue by protecting your online movements. You will attain online anonymity and it makes your connections stronger and safer. All of the sensitive information is hidden from ISP and hackers and so you can go about your work online without having to worry about how it can be used against you or to manipulate you.


The encryption you receive is exactly what you need to strengthen your online browsing and other actions.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions & Censorships

The most common use of VPNs today is to bypass geo-restrictions that have been imposed by streaming and Sports channels. Due to their ability to help you unblock online content and help you get access to streaming services that are banned in your region, many countries have even started banning VPNs.


This is a serious issue in countries where censorship is still valid. But yes, it’s true. You can use a VPN to help you bypass the geo-restrictions that have been imposed by streaming services and Sports Channels like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Safer Public Wi-Fi

It’s common knowledge that many people prefer going to local cafes and using public wi-fi to work. This can be an extremely dangerous action, but when you have a premium VPN, the problem can easily be ignored. Public Wi-Fi is easily accessible but they are also dangerous and can threaten your safety and violate privacy. By using a VPN, you can ensure a protected connection and complete encryption online.

In Conclusion

It can be established that there are many reasons to invest in a superlative VPN, but the common reasons are bound to your protection and security. A VPN also helps you bypass geo-restrictions and maintain online privacy.


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