7 Simple Tips on Preventing your Phone From Being Tapped

Cellphone technology has improved over time. You may now reach out to your family easily without waiting a couple of days for them to receive your message. However, there is always a risk in everything. Currently, security and safety are compromised due to mobile technology advancements. Also, fraudulent activities are on the loose because scammers are now using technology to tap one’s phones. They can easily access your photos, contacts, location, and day-to-day schedule.

You must be vigilant about how to check if phone is tapped and how to prevent your phone from being tapped. You can get tips on how to stop scammers from violating your privacy in this article.

1. Turn Off Your Cellphone

Just like the old saying goes, “Turn it off when not in use.” It is the same with your mobile phones. When your phone is off, hackers cannot access it. When you open the WIFI or data connection on your phone on an unsecured connection, unknowingly, hackers are now taking advantage of this time.

Some spyware programs that hackers were able to develop will prevent you from turning off your phone. You may also use this as a confirmation of your instinct that your phone is being tapped when you are having difficulty turning off the phone.

2. Be Mindful of Your Bluetooth Status

No matter how long the cellphones are existing, some people are not still aware of when you should not turn on your Bluetooth. Keeping Bluetooth on is one way that hackers take advantage to tap your phone. One should constantly be conscious that they should only couple their phone with known devices and only open their Bluetooth when necessary. This tip is most especially for parents who allow their young ones to get hold of their phones. Before you hand them your mobile phone, make sure that the Bluetooth is turned off.

3. Turn Off Location

You may enable or disable location services on your phone’s shortcut screen. So you might as well disable location services if you don’t need them so hackers can’t see where you are. The best time for you to leave your home is one of the reasons that hackers want to know where you are. Therefore it’s always a good idea to turn off location services to not give them any clue on your whereabouts.

4. Make Use of Anti-Spyware Software

You should get anti-spyware software if practically all of your sensitive information is stored on your computers and mobile devices for added security. Anti-spyware software can be downloaded straight from some websites, such as Mobileshox.com. You may be having second thoughts about investing in anti-spy software. Make up your mind because it is worth more than the price of the software especially if it has something to do with the safety and security of your personal information.

5. Request Assistance from Your Mobile Service Provider

If you are still in doubt, it will be helpful to contact your mobile service provider to request assistance. Your service provider will have a tool to determine if your phone is tapped. And to ensure the highest safety, you may have all your personal information deleted from the system.

6. Switch Handsets (If Possible)

In connection with tip #4, you may opt to change handset with your mobile service provider, if possible. You can have your personal information deleted on your previous handset and transfer the only necessary details on your new handset.

7. Avoid Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

It is a common mistake among today’s generation to keep on choosing the option to allow the installation of phone applications or games from unknown sources. Before you allow the option to install the application from unknown resources, make sure that is safe. Parents are highly encouraged to monitor what their children install on their mobile phones to prevent them from being tapped. Hackers are mostly game developers who make use of games to hack phones and acquire information that they can use to purchase online kinds of stuff.

What Can Happen When Your Phone Is Tapped?

People today are lax about how much data they keep on their phones. They believe that having their sensitive information saved on their phones makes them feel safer. They don’t need to memorize or write down a lot of information because they can store it on their phones.

However, there are a lot of hackers who are merely watching for their victims to take their bait. When your phone is tapped, they can use your information to get your credit card number. They can have access to your social media accounts, talk to your friends, and scam you into asking for money from them.

In a Nutshell,

Aside from having the best technology on your mobile phones, you must ensure your safety and security. Fraudulent activities have been going on for quite some time now. It is a good thing to know tips on how to prevent your mobile phones from being tapped. Being more careful with your information is not only for you but also for the safety and security of your loved ones.


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