6 Things To Look For In An Employee Recognition Program

In the modern working world, employee recognition programs are a great way to motivate employees and show them that their work is appreciated. But not all employee recognition programs are created equal. Some of them work on a smaller scale than others, while certain types of programs utilize powerful technology to drive their systems. Whatever the case may be, there’s a recognition program out there for any business and industry. Using recognition programs effectively and in conjunction with other performance tools can help employers get the most out of their employees while allowing those very same employees to achieve great success in their careers. Whether you tried out employee recognition at your company or not, now is a good time as any set one up for your team. Here are six things to look for in an employee recognition program.

Personalized Messages

Recognition is only as powerful as the message it comes in. A personalized message needs to be available for social recognition to be effective. It shouldn’t just be some generic certificate stating “good job” or some other generic drivel. Employers need to take the time to show that they know you’re a person and that you have the same thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and more that everyone else has. By personalizing the recognition message, managers can go the extra mile to show they recognize you as an individual as well as appreciate your contributions to the organization. The value of personalized messaging in recognition cannot be overstated because it can have such a profound, positive effect on employees. Using it effectively should be a common best practice for the employee recognition program whether recognition is coming from management, peers, or anyone else throughout the organization.

Social Recognition

The most significant and critical part of an employee recognition program is the social recognition aspect of it. Social recognition needs to be done right to be effective. Employee recognition works best when people know how to use the system, can feel free to give a shout-out to their peers, and work within a democratic process to provide recognition effectively. The best employee recognition program is going to reinforce company values, help boost engagement, and create an altogether better workplace through peer-to-peer interaction and creating a positive working environment for all.


Milestone Recognition

Part of the recognition process is intended to strengthen teams and make them perform better, with higher productivity. It’s also intended to help boost them around. These things are all vital to the continued and successful operation and organization. So, an employee recognition program can help you do this by offering a platform for frequent check-ins and milestone recognition. When you recognize milestones, it goes a long way toward instilling values in your team. It also shows them that you value their contributions and think that they’re a good asset to your staff. Anniversaries are also important. Be sure to celebrate work anniversaries appropriately through your recognition software, so you can help instill loyalty in your team through recognition of their accomplishments. Failure to do so might lead to retention issues or turnover if the employees don’t feel like you want them around.

Survey Tools

Sometimes the best way to understand your employees and recognize them effectively is to ask them what they want. Ask them how they feel about their jobs, and their rules within the organization, and invite them to provide feedback in real-time to you. The best way to do this is using something called a pulse survey. As the name implies, a pulse survey is a quick survey that allows employers to get a “pulse” on how their employees feel. A pulse survey only takes a few minutes to fill out, avoids leading/loaded questions, and lets employees have an opportunity to give quality feedback to the company. As part of an employee recognition program, they can be an invaluable tool for informing future decisions.

Custom Challange Coins

Customized coins are an extraordinary keepsake for completing a superb job. Admittedly, successful challenges in the working world are as successful as monetary rewards. They will harness camaraderie in the workplace, charge employees, and come together as teams. You can get your challenge coin made from www.vivipins.com.


Challenge coins have a long and storied history that dates back to World War II. Today, they’re still used in corporate events and can also be seen in the workplace. Collecting coins provides employees something to look forward to achieving, and is a rewarding way to highlight individual successes. You can create a medal for any level of achievement that you designate.


At the end of the calendar year, workers can compare their coins, discover who got what, and see who gathered the most. They will look forward to collecting even more coins next year!

Reward Variety

Another key part of any good employee recognition program is a reward system. This might be in the form of giving out milestone rewards or using a points-based system. Rewards are great for improving morale and showing employees you care. But there should be some variety. Employees appreciate being rewarded in different ways, so make sure your employee recognition program offers a variety of rewards, such as gift cards, merchandise, travel vouchers, and more. Monetary rewards such as bonuses can be very valuable to the employee. The same goes for paid time off and vacations. But your rewards don’t always have to be of monetary value. You can offer other amenities such as gift cards, employee apparel, and anything else you can think of that will appeal to the employee. Just be sure that the rewards are beneficial to the employee and worthwhile, not something slapdash and thrown together like a pizza party.

Easy Reward Redemption

Rewards programs can be an invaluable tool for improving morale, but the redemption process can sometimes leave much to be desired. That’s why an easy redemption process is necessary with your employee recognition program. The redemption process should be easy for employees to understand and use. Make sure the website or portal is easy to navigate and the instructions are clear. If you’re using a point space system, clearly define what the points are, how to earn them, how to redeem them, and offer a catalog of rewards. Try to avoid offering insulting rewards like toilet paper or food coupons/vouchers (we’re not kidding; these are real things that some organizations offer as “rewards”). Ultimately redeeming rewards should be a simple and, well, rewarding process for your employees — otherwise, it might be too much of a hassle for the team to use the rewards system at all.

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