Facebook Traffic To Media Sites Up Over 170%, Says Company VP


Facebook can be a publisher’s best friend, and according to new data from the social network, referral traffic to media sites is up over 170 percent on average from 2012.

Exceeding the average, referral traffic to TIME is up 208 percent, BuzzFeed’s is up 855 percent and Bleacher Report’s increased a whopping 1081 percent.

VP of Media Partnerships and Global Operations Justin Osofsky made the announcement in a note on the Facebook + Media page.

Facebook also tested to see if an increase in posting more frequently would help drive more referral traffic to media sites.

Here’s what they found:

We worked with 29 media sites over a seven-day period to find out exactly how their referral traffic could be impacted if they increased the number of times they posted to their Facebook pages. The net result: posting more frequently increases referral traffic by over 80%.

Within that week, the media sites averaged an increase in the number of articles they posted to their pages by 57%. This resulted in an 89% increase in average outbound clicks to their domains. Additionally, the amount of Likes per post increased by over 10% and the number of net fans per page went up by 49%.

Justin also announced a new tool for media sites called “Stories to Share.”

Said to help media sites discover the most engaging content to share on Facebook, it’s currently being tested with a select few publishers, and news organizations.

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