Conan O’Brien Hopes To Become A LinkedIn Influencer Like ‘Total Failure Bill Gates’

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien had high hopes of conquering LinkedIn last month, and after accepting thousands of new connections, he took to the blogosphere.

In a new post which currently has over 160,000 views, the king of hair shared his gratitude:

Greetings, fellow titans of business! Conan O’Brien here, not Cheng-Gong, the young Chinese boy normally in charge of my social media. Let me begin by saying it’s a true honor to be blogging on the internet—a privilege reserved only for Earth’s best and brightest one billion people. It’s no secret that we as a species are running dangerously low on blogs, so like any leader, I’m doing my part. Plus, it feels good to be on LinkedIn among my peers – attractive, fabulously successful plutocrats who laugh at their own jokes. Like you, I pride myself on joining only the most exclusive, cutting-edge social networks. So effective today…adios, Ashley Madison.

Conan says he has long dreamed of becoming a LinkedIn influencer, establishing a spot among Sir Richard Branson, President Obama and “total failure Bill Gates.”

Of course, he has no idea what that is, and is purely on LinkedIn to amass a lot of followers/connections.

For the non-believers, Conan O’Brien made sure to remind everyone of his qualifications:

For starters, I’ve interviewed two of the leads from the “Twilight” movies, one of the most PROFITABLE franchises of all time. You like profits, don’t you, fellow moguls? I have the ear of tastemakers like Kristin Stewart, and that one shirtless kid with the square jaw. Those relationships alone make me an Influencer you need in your corner. Jack Welch can only dream of access to such pop culture royalty.

While some LinkedIn users are clearly missing the humor as evidenced by the comments, Conan O’Brien is a nice break from articles on success, and connection requests from guru ninja rockstars.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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