Danielle Fishel Scolds Internet For Making Fun Of New Husband

danielle fishel

Danielle Fishel would appreciated it if the internet would just shut up about her new husband Tim Belusko.

The Girl Meets World star experienced a few days of wedding bliss this weekend but then she looked on the internet. Apparently people have been criticizing Fishel for marrying a younger man.

So how young is Tim Belusko? Did Danielle Fishel, 32, marry a 15-year-old? No, Belusko is 25-years-old. The two met shortly after Fishel returned to college at the age of 27. The actress is apparently pretty smart and ended up being a tutor for some of the students and that’s where she met Belusko.

The two have been dating for five years now and the age difference obviously doesn’t bother them. So, internet, why does it bother you?

The internet isn’t known as a place of dignity and decorum so Fishel shouldn’t be too surprised to hear some disparaging comments. Still, the actress deserves an apology from the internet. Go ahead pajama people, say you’re sorry…

James Kosur

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