Predator Cosplayer Attacked By Some Coward In Birmingham, Reddit Is On The Case [Video]

predator cosplayer attack

Reddit is searching for some pussy who attacked a street entertainer dressed as a Predator on New Street in central Birmingham, England.

A video showing a Predator cosplayer being pushed from a platform onto a small child is going viral on reddit this morning with nearly 3,500 upvotes in just a few hours. The video, from YouTube user IAmBirmingham, was apparently posted on Facebook on October 20.

IAmBirmingham slowed the clip down and added some info:

“Do you know the attacker? Contact West Midlands Police on 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Please forward and share this video to raise awareness. Thank you.”

So if you recognize the little bitch in the video, send him up the river. The Internet demands this sacrifice.

We’ll keep you updated on the fate of the Birmingham Predator cosplayer’s attacker, but just in case you’re reading this and you’re one of those rare arseholes who fancies going out and knocking around a street performer, consider this:

Dusten Carlson
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