The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning

Deciding what to cook after a hectic day of work is draining and can subject us to settling for low-quality meals. 

Our meal is a very important part of us, but most times, adequate time is not allocated for planning it. Aside from reducing mental drains on deciding what to eat, meal planning also helps us to reduce the number of times we visit the grocery store.

Eating healthy meals is not something that happens spontaneously. Therefore, appropriate time must be allocated to planning out our meals. Meal planning is crucial for success, whether attempting to lose weight or eat better; the keto diet app will help you plan healthy and delicious meals, in addition to the guide we’ll provide.


In this post, we will provide tips on how best to plan your meals. So, if you’re stuck in the ‘what should I cook dilemma,’ you should read this post carefully. 

Reasons to Plan Meal


Below are some of the reasons why it’s essential to plan for your meal:

  • It saves your time

Planning your meals ahead of time saves you a lot of time. When you have a meal plan already at hand, you will know the ingredients and the total time required to make that meal. Instead of sitting and whining about what to cook, you will have a good head start and cook fast. 

  • Meal planning saves you money

Impulse buying is one of the core causes of overspending. By planning your meals, you already know all the groceries you need to make that meal. Therefore, you won’t be wasting money buying unnecessary stuff. 

  • It enhances healthy eating

Sometimes when we are stuck in the ‘what will I eat dilemma?’ and are tired and stressed out from work, we tend to settle for less healthy fast-food options with high-calorie content. Planning meals will give us time to choose healthy food options wisely. 

  • Variety

Diversity is key in everything. Most times, our busy schedules force us to consume the same meal time every time. Meal planning can help bring more variety to your diet and encourage you to eat more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

Steps to Meal Planning


The meal planning process is simple but delicate. Therefore, the appropriate steps must be taken to achieve success. Below are some important steps you can take to plan your meals. 

  • Establish your meal-planning schedule

Meal planning itself is a very important task. Therefore, we must create enough time to plan our meals purposely. The best time to plan your meals is usually during the weekends when you’re less busy. Dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time weekly, preferably on Saturdays so that you can go shopping afterward. 

  • Be realistic about your lifestyle

When planning your meals, they must suit your type of life. If you are a busy type, it is only wise to include foods that won’t take much of your time, especially for breakfasts. 

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it

Impulse buying is a big issue, but you must be disciplined when going to the grocery store. You may be tempted to purchase what is outside your shopping list. You have planned your shopping list; stick to it. 

  • Use a calendar or a planner

There are many calendar apps you can use to plan your meals. However, a physical paper calendar is suggested. Prepare your meal planner or calendar and paste it into a location where you can easily see it. In addition to the paper calendar, you can create one on your phone to get a reminder before arriving home. 

  • Don’t forget to plan your snacks!

Most times, snacks are left out of our meal plans. Leaving out snacks in our plan will encourage unhealthy eating of high-calorie snacks that are unhealthy. Include snacks in the next meal and be creative about it. Choosing healthy, wholesome foods and snacks will help you feel your best and give you more energy.

  • Buy in bulk where possible

Buying food in bulk saves us the time to go to the grocery store. You should include a shopping schedule in your meal plan. 

  • Be willing to try new things with food – experiment and have fun!

You should be creative when it comes to meal planning. Try new things and experiment. Combine different types of food. The essence is to make cooking a delightful and fulfilling experience for you. 

  • Get everyone involved

Meal planning is not a one-person affair. If you are a family, it is advisable to consult each family member to get their input. Your suggestions will help you prepare a perfect meal for everyone. 


Although meal planning can be a daunting task at first, you can get it down with a little practice. The best way to start is to create a list of what you eat most often and ensure they are things you enjoy. This way, you will develop familiarity with the recipes and won’t have to take time trying new ones.


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