The Long Legal Process Of Getting Even For A Sustained Injury

Personal injury cases tend to be quite complex. Every case has a uniqueness in it. The injury can be caused by an accident or intentionally inflicted upon you. In any case, you can get even by suing the other party and demanding compensation. If the other party is initially willing to pay for the damages, then there’s no need for a lawsuit. Problems arise when the at-fault party is unwilling to rectify its mistakes and pay what’s owed. 


In cases like these, a lawsuit is carried out. This article will look at the long legal process of getting even for a sustained injury.


Hiring an Attorney 

You may know the law and may be perfectly capable of representing yourself in court. However, if you don’t, you’ll need to hire a lawyer. It’s beneficial to hire a lawyer whose expertise lies in the field of personal injury. In order to file an injury lawsuit, you need to first prove that the injury exists or existed. If the loss which was a consequence of that injury is less than the court limits, you won’t need to hire a lawyer. However, if your losses exceed this limit, you can hire a lawyer to build your case and further pursue it. 

Complaint Sent to Defendant 

Once it is established that an actual case exists, a complaint is filed. This contains all the details about the case. It contains information regarding the accusations made against the defendant by the plaintiff – how the plaintiff claims they were harmed and what happened. All these allegations are present in the complaint. This makes this complaint the first proper legal document of this particular lawsuit. After that, the plaintiff’s attorney is given one month to locate the alleged person and deliver the complaint physically. 


This is done so that, as the case progresses, the defendant cannot claim that they were unaware of the lawsuit being carried out. After that, the defendant has to find an attorney. If you’re in Vancouver, personal injury legal experts at Kazlaw suggest that the defendant will need a competent attorney. These complaints will inform the defendant of the exact date to appear in court.

Defendant Hires an Attorney

One month is given to the defendant so they can choose their attorney before the case begins. If the defendant has an insurance policy, then notifying them as soon as possible is imperative. Once the defendant notifies the insurance company, the company hires and pays a lawyer on its own. However, it’s important to know that defense attorneys do not work on agreement fees, they charge hourly. 

Pre-Trial Process

The pretrial process is a lengthy one. It’s mostly about discovery. Both parties tend to find evidence and information regarding the trial. The plaintiff tries to find evidence proving the defendant is liable. The plaintiff needs to prove their accusations and prove liability. On the other hand, the defendant needs to find evidence to overthrow the plaintiff’s accusations and prove they’re not liable for whatever took place. Both parties regularly visit the court and inform the judge about their updated findings and information regarding the case.

The Trial 

Once all the necessary preparations are done, the trial takes place. A trial involving personal injury may last numerous days. During the trial, the jury has to determine if the accusations are true and the defendant is in fact liable for it or if the accusations are false and the plaintiff has no right to compensation. 


If the accusations prove to be true, the defendant has to pay for the damages done. A fair amount is paid in case the plaintiff is telling the truth and proving it. Even after the trial ends, there’s room for an appeal. Any party can appeal to the court and jury which may last several years. After the time of appeal has been exhausted, the losing party needs to pay the compensation claim to the other party.

Compensation Claim 

The majority of the time lawsuits are settled before the trial even begins. In the whole process, any party can choose to settle at any moment. Getting the best out of compensation claims is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, the cases end before they even begin and the liable party pays before the filing of the complaint.


Injury lawsuits can be time-consuming and complex. With so many things to consider, they become overwhelming and create inhospitable situations in court. However, knowledge of how they proceed is necessary for everyone. A claim is to be filed and an attorney is to be hired. The attorney then proceeds to find the right information and evidence to justify the claims. In the end, a compensation claim is made and the lawsuit usually comes to an end.


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