4 Affordable Locations To Consider For Your New Home

We are civilized creatures that build civilizations and live surrounded by others in society. Humans are not made to be lone wolf wanderers, we are not like that. We must live with other people in cities that are made for people by people. It does not make any sense that we need to pay so much just to have the right to live somewhere. The crazy thing is, the price just keeps getting higher and higher if you want to just live.


Until there are more systematic changes that can grant us better living conditions, we must find other places to live. Luckily, there are a lot of other places that are much more affordable than the big cities. The great thing is, these places have everything you would need in a big city. Finding an affordable home becomes easier when you go outside the norm that the market wants you to buy.


Even though this is the most populated city in Florida, not many people think about this city. It is often overshadowed by Miami or Orlando, and that is why it is so affordable. It is one of the best places to buy a new home because of how it managed to stay under the radar. It will continue to be one of the cheapest places for that reason, it has everything, but it is not the center. It is not a joyride such as Miami, but it has all the things you need for much less.


This is why the place is booming right now according to current numbers and data. Just from January 2021 to January 2022, the sales went up from $9 billion to $14 billion. This kind of trend is not too steep, but it is not that small. This is a good indication that the market will continue to rise. It is not a fluke or just a prediction, this boom is going on, and you can still grab the early worm. 


Everyone is aware of the joke that nothing interesting happens in Ohio. It is a great meme, but that does not mean that Ohio is really that boring. It is less popular, and that is what makes Akron affordable. People are seeing this and the trends show that houses are selling at faster rates. There is plenty of beautiful nature and interesting architecture to see in Arkon. Besides covering all the basics you need, there is a lot of sightseeing you can do.


It is not close to an ever-exciting city such as Miami, and there are no beaches. But, if you want to get away from such a life, then Akron is the place for you. Surrounded by national parks, it is a great place for any nature lover that wants to be close to civilization. The city is also pretty safe, especially if you want to live a bit further from the center where the prices are cheaper. 


Houses are now in high demand in Detroit. Detroit is not the first thing that falls on one’s mind when one thinks pleasant. It is notorious for being one of the most unsafe cities in the US, and the crime rate is above average. But, the truth is, the city is not infested with people out to get you. There are neighborhoods that you do not want to visit, but every city has such places. As far as crime goes, you will be safe in Detroit if you opt for this affordable location.


Bloomington is a great affordable location due to many reasons. Not only is the housing situation better, but overall living standards are not that high. Besides that, the education is great here if you have any kids or plan to have them. Besides astounding architecture and many more things to see, it is overall a great option if you want to save money. One of the cons is the high poverty rate in this city.



These 4 locations were chosen on the premise of being both affordable and functional. It is easy to see a low price tag and think you can live there. There are a lot more other parameters that you need to think about besides the cost of a new home. You need to call this place your new home, it will mark a new beginning in your life. 


The change is even bigger if you have kids, but it is a change that you must endure. There are no signs that prices will go any lower, they just keep rising. That does not mean that everything is doomed, it just means that we need to hold on and fight a little longer.


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