Mountain Dew To Run Six-Second Vine During Sunday NASCAR Race

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew has sponsored Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car for many races, and the soda brand will be running a Vine during Sunday’s NASCAR race at Talladega.

From Todd Kaplan, Director of Brand Marketing:

The Vine medium [contextually] translates to the animated billboards on TV so well. Right now, we are really excited about the platform and how Vine speaks for millennial male consumers. We are going to continue to experiment in this space with Dew on Vine and see where it goes.

Mountain Dew’s first spot appeared on NBC Sports last weekend, and the Vine airing this Sunday is said to emphasize its partnership with Dale.

Created by brand consulting agency Vaynermedia, you can watch it below:

Mountain Dew is not the first company to air Vines during commercial breaks.

In September, Virgin Mobile ran multiple 30-second spots on MTV and Comedy Central, while Dunkin’ Donuts ran a collection of Vine videos during the Monday Night Football pregame show.

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