Jack Dorsey Defends His Twitter History Following New York Times Report

Jack Dorsey and Twitter Troubles

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been forced to defend his possible early actions at the social network. A recent New York Times article by reporter Nick Bilton claims that Dorsey threatened to quit working at Twitter unless co-founder Noah Glass was forced out of the company. The article then claims that Dorsey met with Glass after he was fired and acted dumbfounded, blaming the decision on Ev Williams.

To answer those accusations Dorsey agreed to a profile piece for The New Yorker. In the profile Dorsey writes, “”I didn’t give an ultimatum … I didn’t have that leverage. Ev made his decision … Ev asked me, ‘Should we let Noah go?’ And I said, ‘I don’t think I can work with him in his current state.'”

Dorsey may still have played dumb but at least by his account he didn’t force out his fellow Twitter co-founder.

In the Bilton piece it is also claimed that Jack Dorsey is an easily distracted CEO who leaves work early for yoga and fashion classes. According to The New Yorker, “Dorsey says that he always resumed working later in the evening.”

The piece also claims that Dorsey attempted to push Ev Williams out as CEO after Dorsey had lost the title to Williams and became chairman. Dorsey doesn’t work to dispel that rumor, instead noting:

“I was chairman. Many people were coming to me. I would say, ‘You should bring that up with the board, not just to me.’ Was I thinking, Screw Ev? Emotionally, was I asking that? I don’t know. Maybe.”

Ev Williams has not responded to any of the claims made by Nick Bilton.

James Kosur

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