Banksy Robbers: New Yorkers Charging Tourists To See Street Art

banksy east new york

Are you ready to see the latest piece from Banksy? Well, you better get out your wallet. A group of locals in East New York are charging tourists to take photos of the new graffiti.

You see those garbage bags? Yep, Banksy’s new piece is right behind those bags.

And you see those gentleman? If you pay those guys a couple of bucks they’ll give you a brief opportunity to snap a photo. There’s no official price but Instagramer StreetArtJamz said that these guys are charging $5 for a photo.

The Gothamist reports that the price got as high as $20 at one point in the day. Of course, the Banksy robbers will also accept pizza.

Bansky, who started a Twitter account earlier this month, hasn’t commented on the situation in East New York yet. He has, however, posted a few unobstructed views of his latest work.

banksy east new york

Would you pay to see a Banksy? A video posted online today by Giant TV shows one of the guys explaining the unique economic situation on his corner of East New York.

He says: “You came here to take a picture. I could step on this shit. it doesn’t matter to me. You wouldn’t come here if this was here. I could break this and keep doing what I been doing all day. It don’t matter to me. It’s worth more to you that this is here, then it does to me. You can take a picture it’s going to cost something or this shit’s going to get broke.”

Soooo he’s taking the Banksy hostage? Pay up or the artwork gets it?

The situation in East New York is so bizarre that some people are claiming that it may be an art installation piece by the famous street artist.

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