Twitter IPO Set For November 15 Thanks To ‘Accidental’ Slip Up


Twitter could be worth upwards of $20 billion after its IPO, and according to financial data analysts at PrivCo, it “accidentally” revealed an IPO date of November 15.

In an earlier version of the social network’s official S-1 filing, there was one very big clue:

Under the terms of the lock-up agreements, beginning February 15, 2014, employees who are not executive officers may be eligible to sell up to an aggregate of ___ shares of our common stock in the public market in order to satisfy the income tax obligations of such.

To the average eye, this date doesn’t really stand out. However, PrivCo explains the significance:

The typical lock-up period for employees to sell Restricted Stock stock to cover tax obligations due upon vesting is typically 90 days after an IPO. In an earlier version of the S-1, Twitter’s IPO advisors slipped up and inadvertently revealed the end-date for the lock-up period as the fixed date of FEBRUARY 15, 2014 (rather than leaving the date blank as most filings do until right before the final pre-Roadshow S-1 amendment, when the IPO date is announced).

According to PrivCo, this means Twitter has its IPO scheduled for November 15.

As the day draws closer, hopefully those interested in Twitter don’t accidentally invest in the wrong stock.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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