#StarbucksDrakeHands: Creepy Selfie Video Becomes New Instagram Meme

piper kennedy

This is Piper Kennedy. She’s a beautiful model that probably gets asked out on dates all of the time. Sometimes she says yes. Sometimes she says no. Sometimes she gives her number to guys at coffee shops. But that probably won’t happen again. Kennedy recently got an… interesting selfie from one of her potential suitors and now, well, the internet is in on the joke.

#StarbucksDrakeHands has been trending this week. It has spawned its own Twitter account and its own Facebook account. It is also the week’s best Instagram Meme.

Oh, right, so what is #StarbucksDrakeHands? Let’s go to the video.

You hear that song in the background? That’s Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Hear those lyrics? Yeah, that’s the part of the song where Drake talks about obsessing about some girl. Which is Ok, you know, if you’re Drake. But not when you’re Brody, the random coffee guy who desperately wants to make sweet sweet love to Miss Kennedy.

Kennedy’s friend DJ Ben Roc posted the video to the internet and, well, now Brody is the butt of an internet wide joke.

Even grandma is in on it.

And the cat.

OK, so the videos are funny but we still have some unanswered questions. Like, did it work?

No, Piper Kennedy and Brody Ryan Curtis will not be going on a date anytime soon. But Piper did say that she wants to meet him again and maybe they can spark up a friendship.

Kennedy said: “I was just stunned. I was in tears of laughter. I couldn’t believe it … I’ve never been sent anything like that before. We do need to see each other in person. There could be a funny friendship because it was such a unique way to meet somebody.”

You hear that Brody? At least you made an impression. It wasn’t the impression you were hoping for but hey, YOUR INTERNET FAMOUS!

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