HootSuite Hootlet Adds Simpler Sharing, Tweets Alongside Google Search Results


HootSuite has updated its Hootlet extension available for Google Chrome, and users can now more easily share content from any web page or selection.

Whenever you are on a page and want to share it, clicking the Hootlet button will automatically add the title, and its shortened URL into the share box.

From there, you can choose which account to share the page or article to, schedule or use AutoSchedule which automatically determines the best time to post.

HootSuite has also added the ability to see relevant tweets alongside Google Search results.

Below the Google search box, you will see a check box with the text “Show Results from Twitter.”

If you select the box, whenever you do a search, the Hootlet extension will display relevant tweets to the right of search results.

Nearby tweets can also be displayed in Google Maps, and popular review site Yelp.

Users can reply to or retweet any tweet, and for nearby tweets, the proximity can be adjusted.

The new HootSuite Hootlet extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store, and you can watch the video below to see it in action.

Mike Stenger

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