Why Does LeSean McCoy Have A Problem With Knowshon Moreno? Nobody Seems To Know

Knowshon Moreno Twitter battle

Talk about a weird week in the NFL. Skip Bayless was trying to divert attention away from Peyton Manning and his teams last minute win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday when LeSean McCoy went on the troll.

McCoy responded to Skip’s tweet about Denver’s Knowshon Moreno with the following tweet of his own:

We have no clue why Shady and Moreno are at odds and USA Today’s Lindsay Jones tried to get an answer out of the just as confused Moreno:

LeSean McCoy and Knowshon Moreno were both part of the 2009 NFL draft and Moreno was selected No. 12 overall by the Broncos while the Philadelphia Eagles waited until the second round to pick up McCoy. Perhaps there is still a little bit of NFL draft time envy at play in this scenario.

So is McCoy just trying to prove the Broncos wrong for a decision they made in 2009? Based on his recent Twitter attack we wouldn’t put it past him.

Moreno eventually responded but in a much more mature manner:

In the meantime Knowshon had the last laugh with 93 yards and a touchdown while the Broncos and Cowboys racked up more than 900 combined passing yards in a grueling 51-48 win for Denver.

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