Tweets With Twitter Images Are 94% More Likely To Be Retweeted, Study Finds


Twitter has its own built-in image service, and according to a new study, tweets with images are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted.

Dan Zarrella, the self-proclaimed “Social Media Scientist,” analyzed over 482,000 tweets containing image links from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Twitpic.

While tweets containing images from had a higher chance of being retweeted, tweets containing Facebook image links were 47 percent less likely to be retweeted.

Tweets linking to Instagram images followed closely behind at 42 percent.

However, tweets containing Twitpic images were 64 percent more likely to be retweeted.

According to Dan, he found a 99 percent “confidence interval,” ensuring that the results are reliable.

Potentially leading to a higher likelihood of retweets, Twitter allows its own images to be seen within the stream, unlike Instagram for example which lost Twitter Card support in December 2012.


Mike Stenger

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