Lindsey Vonn Distracts Tiger Woods With A Squirrel [Video]

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Tiger Woods is trying to help his team win the Presidents Cup this week and he isn’t getting much help from Lindsey Vonn. Sure, the Olympic skier is doing her best to support Tiger as he makes his way down the course but she’s also finding ways to entertain herself: Like by playing with squirrels.

Mainly, Lindsey Vonn has befriended a squirrel.

Assistant captain Davis Love III has been carrying a squirrel around with him this week. Why? That’s not really important. What is important is that the squirrel has become the unofficial mascot of the American team and Lindsey Vonn’s new bff.

Vonn was spotted playing with the squirrel while sitting next to Tiger in their golf cart. Tiger was focusing on, you know golf, until he felt the little creature crawling up his back.

Tiger didn’t really appreciate Vonn’s furry friend crawling up his back but the golfer isn’t upset with his girlfriend. Vonn shared this photo of the couple at dinner later that night.

Vonn is enjoying herself at the President’s Cup this week but that doesn’t mean that she’s slowed down her workouts. Vonn suffered a season ending injury last year and has been working hard to make it back before the Sochi Olympics.

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