‘First Tweet Experience Hotel’ Guests Can Tweet Requests, Flirt Via Hashtags


Twitter has been used in all sorts of interesting ways, and a hotel in Majorca, Spain is taking full advantage of the social network for its guests.

Called Sol Wave House, the hotel allows guests to tweet requests for things such as food or drinks, and they can also flirt with other guests.

Using a special hashtag posted on each poolside Bali bed, guests can hopefully get the attention of a certain someone, or just share a good time.

Following the hashtag #socialwave allows guests to keep track of conversations happening around the hotel, and maybe even make some new connections.

Refurbished in 2011, it wasn’t until this summer that Sol Wave House adopted its new Twitter theme.

Tony Cortizas, VP of Global Brand Strategy at Meliá Hotels International who owns Sol Wave House, shared the inspiration for such an idea:

Mr. Cortizas said he marvels at how young people are living today. “It’s so completely normal for someone to be looking down on the street and walking into people because they’re looking at their device,” he said. “For the generations that are literally growing up that way, it’s really normal.” Sol Wave House is striving to “bring what is normal and every day for these guys and give them a sandbox to play in.”

Is this Twitter-themed hotel a cool idea, or do you think it’s a big gimmick?

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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