Facebook Still King Of Social Login, But Google Closing In

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Facebook may still reign king of social login, but according to a new report from Janrain, the social network saw a slight dip thanks to competitors.

Janrain published social login trends today for Q3 2013, and here are the current standings:

  • Facebook – 45 percent
  • Google – 33 percent
  • Yahoo – 7 percent
  • Twitter – 7 percent
  • Other – 4 percent
  • Microsoft – 2 percent
  • LinkedIn – 2 percent

Google still has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook, though.

While Facebook’s share dropped slightly in Q3, Google’s share increased only a fraction of one percent.

Social login share was also measured across different types of sites such as media, entertainment/gaming, and music.

Facebook and Google led the top two spots in every category, except for B2B sites where LinkedIn is still ranked second.

However, social login through Google has increased around five percent on B2B sites since Q2 2013, putting it neck and neck with LinkedIn.

From Janrain:

We also have observed disparate preferences across geographic regions. For example, Hyves contends with Facebook as the most popular social network in the Netherlands, and social login preferences on Dutch websites substantiate that notion. In Brazil and India, Orkut is a popular identity provider for social login, while in China, Sina Weibo and Renren maintain popularity. Mixi is a common social login choice in Japan, while VK is preferred in Russia.

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