Man Beaten By Biker Gang Strikes Back With SUV

Biker Gang in Manhattan Attack SUV

A man in a Ranger Rover took some drastic steps recently after a biker gang attempted to beat the man from the outside of his vehicle.

The victim was driving through Manhattan with his wife and five-year-old child when his SUVs window was smashed by one of the bikers.

After he was forced to stop at a traffic light another biker attempted to smash in the rear window where his child was sitting.

One onlooker said of the incident: “I would do exactly the same thing. They’re intimidating him and he’s probably fearing for his life.”

One of the bikers captured the entire six-minute event on film and indeed it does appear that the man was acting in self-defense when he chose to push the bikers off the road.

According to the NYPD the driver of the SUV was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

We don’t expect to see biker gang attacks in Manhattan and perhaps that’s why this video has gone viral.

Biker Gang in Manhattan Attack SUV

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  1. Stay and get beaten to death or run over the aggressors ? I know what I'd do – I'm not in to being beaten to death by bikers who are swarming my vehicle – like we're in a movie scene – just because they want to get their jollies & they have a chip on their shoulders !