Facebook Graph Search Now Includes Posts, Comments, Check-Ins

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search rolled out to all U.S. users back in July, and has now been updated to include posts, comments and check-ins.

Previously, users were only able to search for people or pages, places, interests and photos.

For example, “Posts about Breaking Bad” would give you results from everyone, including your friends, and “Posts written at The White House” would give you updates posted while at The White House.

Like before, privacy settings are still in place, so users will only see posts that are shared publicly, and if they are friends with someone or connected through friends of friends.

However, if you are hoping to get access anytime soon, you will have to keep your fingers crossed.

Facebook says the Graph Search update is rolling out to “a small group of people,” and did not provide any further details.

Mike Stenger

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