Damon Lindelof Ridiculed After ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

damon lindelof

Well, it was inevitable. Now that the Breaking Bad finale has aired couch critics are taking to Twitter to voice their opinions. Did Vince Gilligan create the greatest television series of all-time? Did the Breaking Bad finale top The Sopranos? Lost?

I’m not here to make those judgments. I’m here to laugh at Damen Lindelof.

The creator of Lost has been receiving hundreds of messages from people who are still upset about how the show ended.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have to scour the internet to find all of the “I Hate Damen Lindelof” tweets but the Lost writer has done most of the work for me. In fact, if you’re looking for a celebrity retweet today, you might want to send some sort of insult in Lindelof’s direction.

The Breaking Bad finale wasn’t universally loved but most people thought that the final episode was a satisfying conclusion. Most of the story lines were completed and Walter White met his fate. That really can’t be said for Lost and Lindelof knows that. His Twitter bio reads: “Yeah, I’m one of the idiots behind LOST. And no, I don’t understand it either.”

Lindelof may be the butt of the joke today but he has to be a little flattered. I mean, it’s been three years since Lost ended and people are still furious about the ending. That’s a pretty impressive feat.

Dan Evon

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