Can Drake Save The Toronto Raptors? Twitter Doesn’t Think So

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Drake is now officially an executive in the Toronto Raptor’s office.

The Canadian born musician will be a host, business partner, and consultant for the Raptors. He will also be launching a new clothing line in conjunction with the team and will help the Raptors in their rebranding efforts before the 2014-15 season.

The Brooklyn Nets struck a similar deal with Jay-Z last year. The hip-hop mogul helped redesign the team as they moved out of New Jersey and into Brooklyn. Partnering up with Drake could be a great success for the Raptors but most Twitter users don’t foresee a glorious future ahead for the Canadian NBA team.

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Is Drake the right man for the job?

Some people are just happy that someone other than Tom Ford is answering questions at the press conference.

Drake did his best to soothe any fears about his new position during the press conference.

And he did a pretty good job.

Do you think Drake will be able to save the Toronto Raptors? The Toronto Star notes that Drake wouldn’t have to be a miracle worker to help the Raptors improve. After all, there isn’t much history in Toronto.

The Star writes: “It would be wrong to call what comes next a renaissance. That would imply that the Raptors have a legacy to build on. After 18 years, all they have is one playoff series win and Vinsanity to draw from. That’s it. It’s within Drake’s power to change that.”

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