Breaking Bad Finale Reactions: Twitter, Instagram Light Up For ‘Felina’

breaking bad

Well, there it is. Breaking Bad is finally over. After the hit AMC show ended its run last night with a bloody, satisfying episode, Twitter lit up with a round of internet applause.

[Do I really need to say this? You might see a spoiler or two if you continue reading this article.]

Breaking Bad has been hailed as one of the greatest television shows ever and now that the finale has aired critics will start debating over where it actually ranks among its predecessors. But that sort of analysis will be saved for another article. This is all about gut reactions after the Breaking Bad finale. Which can probably be summed up in two words: Yeah Bitch.

Others just wanted the cast of Breaking Bad to hear the applause.

Some were so happy with the finale that they suggested kidnapping Vince Gilligan and forcing him to keep writing.

Some were happy that the show tied up all the loose hands…

While others were happy that the show just ended.

But most people just wanted to tell Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and the rest of the cast “thank you.”

The Breaking Bad finale was a wild ride for fans. But for the cast, it was a bittersweet episode. Nearly every member of the cast made a brief statement on Twitter or Instagram last night celebrating six years, five seasons, of perfect television.

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